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Sky rooflights

key features

Our roof lights satisfy the most demanding requirements, from sophisticated solar control, to self-cleaning properties and high impact resistance.

We combine the finest materials, cutting-edge technologies and the industry leading expertise to create roof lights that are as unique as your project.


With a minimalistic and contemporary design all our roof lights create a modern and clean look to both the inside and outside of your home.

energy efficient

Double glazed as standard, all our roof lights are extremely thermally efficient, with low U-Values. Helping to reduce energy consumption resulting in savings on heating bills.

improved light

Frameless flat glass roof lights are perfect for bringing more natural light into your home.


All our roof lights consist of 6mm Toughened glass to both the inner and outer panes.

Sky Roof Lights – in terms of daylighting solutions, it is the perfect combination of quality and efficiency. Our portfolio is not only an argument for the below promises, but also an inspiration for your future work. 

At Sky Roof Lights Ltd, we pride ourselves not only on the quality of all the products we supply, but also on the suitable design for your property to be brighter and more dazzling than ever before! 

Sky Roof Lights is run by owners who have been in the glass manufacturing and glazing industry for over 30 years. That is the reason why you should trust that we provide a product that is the best choice for your home!

We have seen there are so many new builds and existing home improvements being developed, and builders and homeowners are not always being offered the best advice, prices and more importantly the level of service expected when purchasing their glass sky lights.

With such vast experience in our team, we understand and can sympathize with the amount of stress and the time constraints involved when it comes to carrying out building works and extensions. We have tried to make ordering and installing our sky lights stress free and as simple as possible. 

We provide the product you need 

Sky Lights are the optimal natural lighting solution. Placed on the roof, they allow up to 5 times more light to enter the building than vertical windows.Skylighting (made by sky lights) brings a number of benefits to industrial lighting. 

At Sky Roof Lights, we are specialized in two types of sky lights: frameless and framed. Also we have deliberately chosen to keep our range to a minimum in order to offer, in our opinion, the two very best options available on the market. Due to having kept our range to a minimum this allows us to source the best quality product at the best price from our trusted suppliers.


We have ensured our website is designed in a way that it is smooth to navigate for all, from homeowners, tradesmen right through to architects. We did that because the desire of wanting a Sky Roof Light should be a fulfilling experience and a change for the better regarding your property.

Customer service

We offer reliable customer assistance, in order to help you make the path in acquiring your Sky Roof Light as uneventful as possible. Because we value our customers, any problem that you encounter, we will provide a fast solution that will make your experience with us pleasant, because there is nothing more rewarding for us, than a satisfied client with our product installed on their property.

We are always available here to help in any way we can please you.

Do not hesitate to contact us via email or phone.

Roof Lights and lanters tehnical details

All Roof Lights are made to order and available in any bespoke size for your individual projects.


From 300mm


Any size available


ISO 717-1/A1


As low as 0.7 W/m²K




Tested to BS  6385 Pt 1 standards




Using our own fleet of vehicles we offer a nationwide delivery service providing safe and secure transport to all our customers


We offer amazing customer service no matter what happens.


Our products go through very strict inspection before we dispatch them.

company values

our core values

great inovation

We are always focusing on making all our products as innovative as possible.

high quality

One of our main values is the quality of the products that we sell to the customers.


We believe that being a successful company is all about being a team.