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Frameless Roof Light

If you’re looking for the perfect frameless roof light you would need for your house, you found it!

This Sky Frameless Roof Light would literally light up your life with its unique combination of both design and superior quality, that constitutes what may be one of the best Sky Lights in the UK. This product could turn your whole life around due to the dramatic change of mood for the better that a brighter, more cost-efficient house would offer you. 

The flat design is the optimal way to have a beautiful design and also a great access to a good amount of lighting. The superior quality and competitive pricing makes Sky Frameless Roof Light, the best choice for you and your family, in order for you to receive the best customer experience and a product that would change your life.

The design is simple yet elegant, comes with a black border to all our curbed edges so it will have the most pleasing aesthetic on your home. 

The Sky Frameless Rooflight is available with a choice of either clear, privacy glass, tinted or self cleaning, so that you will be able to find the perfect fit for your needs.

You probably wonder what other upsides are to having a Skylight window for your home. Well, with our Frameless Roof Light achieving a U-Value as low as 1.0, this will ensure all heating bills are kept to a minimum. What better upsides than a brighter house and spending less on bills?

Moreover, a slimline frame and glass to glass joints will give your project a spacious and modern look. With its ingenious and smooth design, you will receive a product that will never disappoint you. Your house will have the greatest view you could possibly see, the big blue seen through a large sky roof window. 

Our Frameless RoofLights all come with a 100 mm curb (outer pane has a 100mm overhang to the inner pane). Whether it’s your living room, kitchen, bedroom, we promise our product will make that room brighter and bring more liveliness into it so that you will be more pleased than ever before in your conservatory lighting home.

We use Toughened safety glass for all our rooflights with a thickness of 6mm Double or Triple Glazed Toughened Safety Glass. This offers you superior protection for your house, so that you will never have to worry about something unexpected happening to your Skylight glass window. 

More and more people are curious “What size should I get my roof light?”. Well we have come with a solution for all of you. If you call us we will make sure you will find the perfect fit for you, in order to be the best possible product that you would enjoy.

The Sky Frameless Roof Light is the product that you need for your home if you want a Skylight dome that is brighter and more cost-efficient. On the other hand, this will totally improve your mood in your own home because, as studies show, lighting has a huge impact on your overall well being and general mood. The view of the sky on a daily basis offers you a better state of mind and a happier life which will help you succeed in all your goals and desires.